Compass to Publish

    Are you suspicious of a journal's authenticity? Is it a predatory journal?

    These are legitimate questions if you're invited to submit a paper that:

    • promises your rapid publication;
    • has procedures and/or policies that look suspicious;
    • is outside of your area(s) of expertise. 

    Compass to Publish

    • helps you determine the degree of authenticity of open access journals requiring or hiding article processing charges (APCs) using a criteria-based evaluation

    • aims to help the scholarly community to better understand predatory journals and publishers 

    • offers a transparent methodology and weighing method 

    • is not designed for open access journals that explicitly state that they do not require article processing charges (APCs)

    • does not evaluate the quality of a journal, but its degree of authenticity

    • does not pretend to offer an exhaustive list of criteria for the identification of predatory journals

    • does not pretend to offer a formal evaluation in a few clicks, but aims to involve researchers in a critical and analytical process